Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

This week on Sawbones, the incredible true story of how Chicago changed the direction of a river to battle typhoid and cholera.

Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

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Just in time for Christmas, we've got another extremely special holiday film created by Justin and Sydnee McElroy. Gather the family and prepare for A Medicine Called Christmas 2: A Royal Pain.

NARRATOR: Rachel McElroy

PHIL: Griffin McElroy

TAB: Sydnee McElroy

JESUS: Dwight Slappe

SORIANO: Travis McElroy

CHRIS: Justin McElroy

WAITER: Michael Meadows

MR. BIG CITY: Tommy Smirl

BETH: Teylor Smirl

MANDY: Rileigh Smirl

QUEEN: Mary Smirl

SANTA: Clint McElroy

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You may have seen a Facebook meme claiming that a combination of elderberry and Oscillococcinum can prevent the flu. The truth of the matter may surprise you! (unless you've ever in your life ever listened to even a single episode of our show)

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Listen, we're not gonna sit here all fancy and act like we didn't just record an entire episode about people sunning their buttholes. That's what happened, nothing can change that. If you don't listen, it was for nothing.

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We're marking our 300th episode (OK, it's our 301st) by answering all of your pressing medical questions. Can you really poke your brain through your nose? Where do boob crumbs come from? Listen for that and so much more!

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